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Folsom chiropractic care for the entire family. We specialize in treating sports injuries, neck and back pain, osteoporisis,  allergies, stress-related conditions, migraine headaches, and more. strive to provide the most advanced technology and treatment protocols available. Folsom Chiropractic provides a natural, drug-free approach to healthcare and well-being by recognizing the human body’s inherent ability to heal itself and maintain a healthy, vibrant state. Our patients receive personal attention and individualized treatment plans based on their specific condition and treatment goals.  We strive to speed patient recovery while providing self-management strategies to prevent re-injury and maintain a healthy, balanced state of well-being.

Folsom Chiropractic

We provide a range of services based on the premise that all vital functions in the human body are controlled by the brain, spinal cord, and nerves. When a person experiences poor health, one of the three factors of this triad is always involved. We practice the science and art of locating and correcting what is known as the Vertebral Subluxation Complex to assist the body in its own inherent healing process.

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