Evil Email

List of mass mailers blocked by Evilemail.com

Many more mailers are blocked if you use our spam filters.  This is just a
list of mailers who pretend to be legit direct marketers, but in reality are nothing but
spammers.  For some anti-spam tips, please visit this thread.

Changed order of list – newest on top.

efltn.com 207.134.106.*
outstandingvalues.com 63.212.169.*

asp-platform.com / yourmailsource.com

Added 01/16/03
inetekk.com / marketdepots.com – – filled our spam
catchers with spam, were notified to remove all domains.  On their page they make
threats against people reporting them.  If you got spam from them and want to report
it, their current upstream is the spam friendly level3.net

Added 12/18/02
promotionserver.com – freezefinds.com – teamfreeze.com  –

We also served them a server wide remove request, which if not honored will result
in legal action under the new Ohio code.  On the 17th they sent almost 6,000 pieces
of spam to our servers.

Added 12/01/02
yourmailsource.com – exodus spammer.

Added 11/20/02
etracks.com –

Added 10/21/02
– exodus customer of course. I think they only have spammers

Added 10/11/02
vmadmin.com – 55,000 pieces in one day.  This is what happens
when companies like exodus.com crumble, they let scum like this stay on their
servers.  They were already being blocked by our spam filters, this ipblock should
seal their fate.

Added 10/07/02
more jackpot.com mailing points
fantastic-bargain.com – yet another rackspace.com customer.
e54.org – they keep changing ips – we have officially notified
them to cease sending of spam to our servers.

Added 09/18/02
adigen.com – a rackspace.com spammer, we cannot stress this enough – if
you are anti-spam, you should be anti-rackspace.com.  Rackspace.com harbors spammers,
we have the logs and abuse notices to prove it.

Added on 09/16/02

Postmaster General or PMG

The companies listed on this page have sent mail to our mail drops that are
designed to only catch spammers.  These addresses would never normally get mail.
  Once mail was delivered, we tried to remove ourselves.  While some stopped the
flow temporarily (but oddly enough we would get new spam from new sources within the week)
they would all continue to send to the blocked email address within a short time.  
Others just overwhelmed our spam catchers, causing an instant listing.

Since starting this policy over one year ago.  We have had zero
complaints by our users, and much, much less spam. 

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