The book : new world. stories of african immigration and integration in switzerland.

The book : New World. Stories of african immigration and integration in Switzerland.

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From Switzerland, photographer and researcher Francesco Arese Visconti, presents “New world. Stories of african immigration and integration in Switzerland”.

This photographic research project took 2 years of work and is about African immigration and integration in Switzerland. In January was published in a book that had the collaboration of Dr. Radu Stern of the Musee de l’Elysee in Lausanne and his photographs has been exhibited in Geneva and at the Universite Palexo Ouvriere.

At first glance, the images of Francesco Arese-Visconti are simple portraits. Their models, young and old, pose looking directly at the lens, being photographed in an environment familiar to them, often at home or workplace, sometimes even with their families, but in general they are alone. However, there is a constant, the images are always linked to the origins of the subjects. Many are black, however, the environment in which they are clearly not Africa. Quickly one gets to understand that the people portrayed are not living in their home countries. In this way these photographs become much more complex. They are not only talking about personal identity, but also raise awareness of the global problem of identities of migrants in the world, “explains Dr. Radu Stern’s book to introduce this project.

You can find the book, “New world. Stories of african immigration and integration in Switzerland”  for sale here.

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