Coffee machines

Why do coffee machines break and how can I fix my coffee maker? It is really pretty simple but it can be pretty frustrating to have to deal with a broken coffee pot or a slow brewing coffee maker. Many people depend on their morning coffee to start the day out right, so while you may not want to be fixing your coffee machine first thing in the morning, it is probably better than going without coffee.

Here are a couple common problems with your coffee machine and what you can do to fix it, if there is hope, because sometimes there is no hope.

You are going to like this one. The most common problem with coffee machines is that in your stupor you forget to plug them in and you think it is broken. Now I am not saying you are stupid I am just saying it can happen to the best of us. It is also possible that your power cord simply goes bad at which point it is usually easier to replace the coffee machine than it is to replace the power cord.

Next problem would be the one way valve for the hot water drip could be obstructed or calcified. You can either unclog it with a toothpick or other implement or run vinegar through the coffee pot. This will remove any calcification, just remember to run a couple pots of water through the coffee maker before using it for coffee again.

If the heating element fails you are out of luck. It is time to get refund, call the warranty people or get a new coffee machine. This fix is not really worth your time. You may have to make a detour on the way to work if you are greeted by this problem first thing in the morning.

Another simple problem that can often seem like an insurmountable obstacle first thing in the morning is that of the timer or alarm. Many people believe that figuring out how to set their VCR meant that all household programing was in bounds, but failed to realize that misseting the coffee maker has serious consequences. Mess up the time and you are in trouble.

A very frustrating problem that has no fix is a broke carafe. This can be a catastrophe and the sad part is that it usually means buying a new coffee maker because it is nearly impossible to find anther carafe that fits just right. This can be avoided with a metal carafe or a self contained carafe with a spigot.

Breaking coffee machines can get the day started on a bad foot so it is good to have plan in place such as a second coffee machine or a favorite coffee stop on the way to work. Always be prepared and always be ready, coffee pots can go out without waring, and this may be a signal that it is time to upgrade to an espresso machine.

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