Cleansing The Colon Helps Fight Sickness

For a healthy life you have to have a healthy colon. The majority of US Citizens have colon conditions because the American diet does not include a sufficient amount of fiber. The suggested daily allowance for roughage intake for a normal individual is thirty grams.

Without the important natural roughage, a healthy colon is almost impossible. An accumulation of fecal matter can lead to a number of digestion associated disorders including colon cancer.

Cleansing the colon and internal body detoxification is necessary in maintaining a healthy large intestine. Since its principal function is to extract water and salt from fecal matter, it is necessary for the body to make certain it has a healthy colon.

The care of your general health is usually dependent on the state of your digestion. In its simplest sense, cleansing the colon improves the digestive system’s ability of breaking food particles, assimilation of nutrients, water and salt and a smooth voiding of fecal matter.

A individuals digestive system is improved when cleansing the colon is employed. The body absorbs food by transforming it into microscopic particles using a mixture of mechanical and chemical processes. Food absorption is aided, as are the function of the pancreas, liver, intestines and stomach, when supplements are used throughout colon cleansing.

Whenever there is good digestion, assimilation of foods will also be smooth. Absorption of nutrients occurs when food molecules are able to move through the intestinal linings to the bloodstream.

Undigested food particles and other waste materials are eliminated by the body through the bowels after the main nutrients have been ingested. Painful constipation will occur when the bowels do not move regularly. Colon cleansing not only takes out all these fecal wastes, but it also maintains the regularity of bowel movements.

The use of cleansing the colon also helps to fight sickness by fortifying our immunity. In comparison to our skin surface, the intestines are large with ten times the surface area. Thus, our body concentrates a certain amount of energy to defend us from the harmful invasion of foreign bodies.

The defenses of our gastrointestinal system, specially the intestinal lining are regenerated with the use of colon cleansing.

Without a day-to-day bowel motion, your undigested particles can poison your body. The reduction of toxins and the removal of accumulated matter are the consequence of regular bowel motions provided by cleansing the colon.

In addition to this there is:

1. Food dependency and cravings are decreased

2. Reduce body odor and bad breath

3. Lessening of wind

4. Lessen whitening of the tongue

5. Physical aspect is raised

6. Clearer complexion

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