Exercise can help ease the chronic prostatitis

By now, we’ve all heard about the value of exercise in maintaining good health. Literally hundreds of studies conducted over more than half a century demonstrate that regular exercise pares down your risk of developing some deadly problems, including heart disease, stroke, and certain types of cancer (colorectal cancer, for example). What may come as a surprise is that regular physical activity may actually help prevent some prostate disorders and improve prostate health. For example, emerging scientific evidence suggests that engaging in a few hours of exercise a week may ease the symptoms of chronic prostatitis.

Assessing the evidence
Chronic prostatitis is characterized by pain during urination, difficulty urinating, sexual dysfunction, anxiety, and depression. It can be prompted by an undetectable infectious agent or physical trauma that causes inflammation or nerve damage in the genitourinary area. Unfortunately, doctors can identify bacteria as the culprit in only about 5% to 10% of cases, meaning antibiotics are not an effective treatment in most men. While many other treatments have been tested, none have proved to have significant long-term benefits.

Wondering if exercise might alleviate symptoms when other treatments fail, Italian researchers randomly assigned 231 sedentary men with chronic prostatitis to one of two exercise programs for 18 weeks: aerobic exercise, which included brisk walking and strengthening exercises, or nonaerobic exercise, which included exercises such as leg lifts and sit-ups, as well as stretching. Each group exercised three times a week.

At the start of the study and at six and 18 weeks, participants responded to questionnaires about their symptoms and quality of life. At the end of the trial, participants in both groups felt better, but those in the aerobic exercise group experienced significantly greater improvements in prostatitis pain, anxiety and depression, and quality of life.

So what exercise is proper for the chronic prostatitis patients? There is no specific exercise program for men coping with chronic prostatitis. But a well-rounded exercise program that includes just half an hour of physical activity on all or most days of the week delivers solid health benefits. And if you want, you can jog or use the treadmill at the gym. But keep in mind that bicycling, swimming, or even taking brisk walks around the block will do the trick. In fact, walking has been touted as a nearly perfect exercise because people of all ages and fitness levels can do it. Walking is also safe for nearly everyone. It doesn’t jar joints or raise the heart rate to a level that would be dangerous, even for someone who is not in good shape.

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